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YouGov Vs #GamerGate: Poll Reveals Who Gamers REALLY Are

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The objectively hilarious, statistically maybe-flawed YouGov Profiles tool released this week purports to show what people who are into various brands, ideas and foods are actually like.

Clearly, the results are a little absurd.

Still, they aren’t without value either. And in one area the tool has proven particularly illuminating to us here at HuffPost Tech: showing us who gamers really are.

Because while the recent GamerGate controversy has led to lots of discussion – some of it very heated – about who gamers are and whether they are ‘dead’ or not (spoiler: not dead!) the results indicated in this poll are much more complex than you probably expect.

What they seem to show is that gaming is more diverse – politically, and in terms of age and gender, than we’ve previously given it credit for.

  • FIFA 15
    FIFA 15 players work in advertising, skew right politically, read Zoo magazine and The Sun and watch Match of the Day. Blindin’.
  • Nintendo
    Nintendo fans are into skiing, parenting and mobile apps, playing board games and like to own fish. They like spending time with their family, but lack self confidence and think they are geeky. They read Heat and watch The Simpsons on TV.
  • God of War III
    God of War fans work in military defence. Who would’ve guessed?
  • Pokemon B&W
    Pokemon fans are also female, young, very left wing and live in the Midlands. They describe themselves as Imaginative and wacky, but also conscious.
  • GTA V
    Grand Theft Auto fans are generally young, male and Scottish. They listen to Beck, like the film Gravity, and like… Rockstar Games. No surprise there.
  • Xbox 360
    Xbox 360 customers are very, very left wing, love cats, shop at Asda and think Jeremy Clarkson is hilarious.
  • PS3
    PS3 users are essentially the same as Xbox 360 owners, but without the left-wing bias oddly. They also shop at Asda and think Jeremy Clarkson is hilarious – but they prefer Jonathan Ross. OUT THERE.
  • Call of Duty
    Fans of the most recent Call of Duty game available on the tool tend to be older, work in trucking and drive a Rover.
  • Minecraft
    Minecraft fans: young, female, Scottish, teachers. They reach Kerrang and don’t watch much TV.
  • Tomb Raider
    Tomb Raider players are young – below 24 – but lean right politically. They read the gay lifestyle magazine Attitude and watch the IT Crowd. They also think “fresh food is better than frozen” and are sceptical of religion.
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