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The 10 Disney Men You’ll Meet in College

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1. GASTON aka “The Stereotypical Frat Boy”

This fella is probably “hella swole” from being at the gym for two hours…on the same machine. Other than his bros, he has a bunch of people following him around, basically for street cred. He is conceited beyond belief, but there’s absolutely no need to be. He is desired by a loyal band of Bimbettes of his own, but ultimately has a very low opinion of women in general. Like Gaston, the stereotypical frat brother only believes females are good for one thing, and trust me, it’s not reading books. A smart and beautiful belle (see what I did there?) should definitely stay away from this douche.


2. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR aka “The Narcissist”

This guy does it all- sports, clubs, straight A’s. Of course, there’s that one flaw that he has that everyone knows about, but he works it like it was meant to be because he’s PERFECT of course. He’s got the façade down that he can do anything, and everyone is under his spell. It’s friggin’ disgusting. He’s extremely motivated to his craft, and he would do anything to keep his top spot safe from harm. He may hang around people who are less than him so he can seem even better, so not only is he a narcissist, he’s a bit of an ass.



3. SCAT CAT aka “The Musician”

As soon as he enters the room, this guy just screams “I’M A MUSICIAN.” He’s got the look down, and you seriously can’t get him to shut up for one second about the band he’s in. He hands you the EP he and his band recorded on Garage Band, and he invites them to campus frequently so they can play at the coffee houses. He writes on Facebook that there’s an open invite to jam with him in his dorm room. Noise violation, schmoise violation.



4. BOBBY aka “The Stoner”

This goes without saying.


5. TIGGER aka “The Party Animal”

Nothing can slow this guy down! He’s always itching for that next opportunity to go out and do something. He literally cannot sit still. He never goes home for the weekend, and when he’s not on campus, he’s visiting another campus and partying it up. The weird part is…he’s always fine. He does the craziest stuff, and he’s still always just like this:


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