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Free ‘Life-Saving’ Babygrow Launched By St John Ambulance And Tesco To Teach Baby CPR

An exclusive (and free) babygrow designed to help teach parents how to give baby CPR is being launched by a leading charity. St John Ambulance, together with Tesco, has created the limited edition bodysuit for three- to six-month-old babies to educate new parents.  The launch comes after the charity found that 74% of mums and dads said…

Brownlee Brothers: Alistair Helps Jonny Over The Line In Moving Cozumel, Mexico World Triathlon Series Finale

British triathlete Jonny Brownlee had to be helped over the finish line by his brother before collapsing in emotional scenes at the World Triathlon Series on Sunday. Brothers Jonny and Alistair, who won gold and silver in the men’s Olympic triathlon in Rio, were leading the race in hot conditions in Mexico when Jonny began…

Lego Boss Explains It Wants To Make A ‘Positive Impact’ But Mustn’t Be Too ‘Self-Absorbed’

Lego needs to avoid being too self-absorbed and ‘Danish’, one of its bosses has said as she claimed the company wants to leave a “positive impact on the planet”. Lene Friis, a managing director at Lego’s Education division who has worked at the company since 1998, said that Lego’s fame could be a “double-edge sword”. Speaking…