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Mum Spearheads Purple Butterfly Initiative In Neonatal Units To Alert Visitors Of Baby Loss With Multiples

A mother who lost one of her twin girls after they were both born prematurely has spearheaded an initiative to alert visitors about the loss of a sibling. Millie Smith gave birth to her girls, Skye and Callie, at Kingston Hospital on 30 April, and was told Skye had “no chance of survival”. She lived…


Mum In One-Bedroom Apartment Learns Valuable Lesson About Gratitude From Her Four-Year-Old Son

A mum who was experiencing a bad case of “mum guilt” about her family’s one bedroom apartment, was given a fresh perspective on their situation by her four-year-old son. The mum felt like she was letting her son down, because he had to share a bedroom with his parents and two-year-old sibling.  “Lately my four-year-old…


Jamie Oliver Reveals The Biggest Problem Parents Face When Feeding Their Children

Jamie Oliver believes parents need to stop feeling guilty about the food they cook for their children. The dad-of-four was quizzed by parents on the topic of healthy eating as part of a Facebook Live with The Huffington Post UK to launch our Thriving Families project. “I think guilt is an association that is really common and normal…


Davina McCall On How Workplaces Are Letting Down Parents And Her Plan To Campaign For Crèches

Davina McCall believes there is one major issue standing between many mothers and their dream careers: a lack of workplace childcare. “At some point in my life I will start campaigning for crèches in the workplace,” she told The Huffington Post UK. “I literally cannot work if I don’t think my kids are happy and I…


Why Children With Dyslexia And Reluctant Readers Are Inspired By Liz Pichon’s Unique Books

Parents of children with dyslexia or reluctant readers will know only too well the struggle they face getting their kids excited about books. But one mum managed to stumble upon a solution, almost by accident. Mum-of-three Liz Pichon, 52, has recently published her 10th book in the ‘Tom Gates’ series, which follows the relatable adventures…


Mum Finds Solution To Co-Parenting Struggle Thanks To Daughter’s Family Painting

A mum has penned a powerful Facebook post about how she was inspired to make co-parenting work after finding a painting by her daughter.  Rosie Dutton, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, was encouraged to share her thoughts after the official papers for her divorce had come through the post. When she and her partner first separated, Dutton said…