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Captain Planet’s Facebook Page Is Supportive Of Equal Rights, Shocking Captain Planet Fans

The Facebook page for Captain Planet is pretty much what you’d expect for the brand defined by 90s environmentalism – lots of old clips from the show, messages promoting environmental causes and holidays, and a generally progressive, positive view of things. Because, in case you missed the message of Captain Planet, that’s sorta the whole…

Tag, Tv

12 Closed Caption Fails That Are Unexpectedly Raunchy

If you’ve never witnessed closed captioning go completely berserk, then you’re missing out on a whole source of entertainment. Next time you’re watching t.v., make sure you put on the subtitles so you can look out for some strange sex phrases you didn’t even know you were into.  Until then, enjoy these:  1. via APOPTO5I5 via AllowishusDevedander 3….