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10 Cringe-Inducing Comments That Need to be Deleted From History

Sweet baby Jesus in a manger, if these comments were any more embarrassing we’d demand the internet get blown the eff up. But, really, we do love to laugh at other’s misfortunes, don’t we? 1. via MBaits 2. via Ask_Threadit 3. via HipsOrNips 4. via ge69200 5. via Gohan_Son 6. via Old_darcy 7. via andinimi 8. via iamdandyking 9. via Boomy2 10. via changeoplans

10 Special Snowflakes Who Are Convinced They’re Smarter Than You

Oh boy, let the eye-rolling commence. We’re not sure whether these people are delusional or if they have stuffed their heads too far up their own butts that they’ve gotten used to the smell of shit. 1. via totlle 2. via DeemSleep 3.     via moploplus 4. via Byroncarruthers 5. via PUNKASSBOOKJOCKEY69 6. via Laurenslothy 7. via drumzilla1 8. via Srorata 9….