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15 Communist Memes That Prove It’s Better to Be Red Than Dead

Welcome comrades. The revolution starts here, in the humble meme streets. 1. Marry communism, fuck memes, kill you  via marxistmemes 2. This is what Elle always wanted for me via sassysocialistmemes 3. Come back when you’re serious, comrades via communistmemes 4. DAD, IT’S RUN ITS COURSE! via sassysocialistmemes 5. It makes life…not worth living via marxistmemes…

15 Random, Hilarious Pornhub Comments That We’re Glad Exist

Most Pornhub comments are meaningless filth written by horny dudes, but sometimes an entertaining reply slips through the perverted cracks. 1. No heaven for you, sinners. ServikOfficial 2. We see what you did there. PM-ME-UR-NOODLES 3. I’m concerned about her shits tbh. JimblesNewtronbo 4. “Blondie731” – You gotta be more original than that. FiveMinFreedom 5….

12 Stand Up Jokes You Can Chuckle At Then Move On With Your Life

1. A new perspective on ‘The Floor is Lava’ with @itspeterj 2. @failboatpie finds the truly saddest group to listen to Cockanarchy finds a loophole in dissapointing his father 4. @jensaunderson walks us through the normal vegan transition process 5. @johndickwinters makes a compelling argument for Priuses 6. @sydneydavisjrjr WISHES she could have resting bitch face 7. @jenodd finds the ideal way to portion control 8. @gregbilletcomedy is…