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Mum Overwhelmed By Stranger’s Kind Gesture, After Receiving Negative Comments About Son’s Cleft Palate

A mum was overwhelmed with emotion when a stranger selflessly left her a £1,000 cheque for her “beautiful” son. Sara Heller, 26, and her partner Chris Eidam, 30, from Nebraska, US, had been feeling down after receiving negative comments on a photo of their three-month-old son Brody, who was born with a cleft palate. That evening,…

Breastfeeding Tattoos: 12 Beautiful Designs That Will Make You Want To Get Inked

Women who choose to breastfeed often say how they miss nursing their children once they’ve grown up. So some mums have permanently documented that precious mother-baby time by getting themselves inked with gorgeous tattoos. Now, they have a permanent reminder of that unique bond they had when feeding their child. Suggest a correction

Mum Claims Facebook Account Was ‘Disabled’ After She Posted Photos Of Tandem Breastfeeding

A mother has claimed Facebook ‘disabled her account’ after she posted photos of herself tandem breastfeeding a stranger’s child and her own child.  Rebecca Wanosik, from Missouri, US, shared the original post on Friday 7 October explaining how she came to feeding a friend of a friend’s child. “I received a random text from one of…

Richard Branson’s Son Sam Has Become A Dad For The Second Time And Chose A Unique Baby Name

Richard Branson’s son has welcomed his second child and fans are loving the unique baby name choice.  Sam Branson, 31, shared a photo of his wife Isabella, 36, with their newborn baby boy on Instagram. The couple are also parents to 22-months-old Eva-Deia.  “I am so incredibly proud and honoured to introduce our beautiful baby boy,…