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Parents Debate Whether You Should Have Party Bags At Kids’ Birthdays: ‘It’s All A Load Of Junk’

A mum blogger has started a debate after she argued that parents should ditch the tradition of giving out party bags at kids birthdays. Renee Kaiman, a mum-of-two from Toronto, Canada, said parents should keep the “pound store crap to themselves”. “I have been attending numerous birthday parties over the last few weekends, and it’s…


More Than A Third Of Kids Are Scared Of Dogs, But Parents Can ‘Manage The Fear’ With Dogs Trust Advice

More than a third of children in the UK are scared of dogs, a survey has revealed. Out of 2,000 parents surveyed by Dogs Trust, 37% said their child was fearful of dogs and 25% said their child’s fear affects their daily life.  The charity has launched a ‘Managing Fear Of Dogs’ campaign, to provide advice…


David Beckham Hailed A ‘Brave Dad’ For Allowing Brooklyn To Jump Over Him On A Skateboard

David Beckham has been labelled a “brave dad” after allowing his son Brooklyn to jump over him on a skateboard. In a clip uploaded to the 16-year-old’s Instagram, the dad-of-four is seen laying perfectly still on some steps. Brooklyn comes into shot on his skateboard leaping straight over Beckham in a clear jump. “Ollie down…


David Beckham Praises Youngest Son Cruz For ‘Pitch Perfect’ Vocal Performance

David Beckham gushed over his youngest son’s vocal talents after posting a video of the 11-year-old online. The proud dad shared a clip of Cruz singing the infamous ‘Cups’ song from the hit film ‘Pitch Perfect’. Together with a spot-on routine, Cruz seamlessly showed off his vocal skills with slight encouragement from his mum and…


Family Kicked Off Allegiant Airlines Flight Because Toddler Has Peanut Allergy

A family claim they were kicked off a plane because their son is allergic to peanuts. Kyson Dana, spoke out about the poor manner in which flight attendants treated him, his wife Sara and their two-year-old son Theo, when they were attempting to fly from Provo, Utah, to their home in Oakland, California, on Monday 2 May. “Sitting…