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Louis Tomlinson Branded An ‘Angel’ As Bereaved Mother Reveals How The One Direction Star Has Changed Their Lives

A mother who lost her nine-year-old son to a rare form of cancer has revealed how One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and his mother supported her family through his illness. Sarah Hext has spoken out about the boyband star, after becoming increasingly upset with negative press reports about him, telling of how he changed the life…


Exoskeleton Could Help Children With Muscular Atrophy Walk For First Time

Researchers in Spain have created the world’s first child exoskeleton which will enable children suffering from spinal muscular atrophy to walk, in some cases for the first time. The 12kg exoskeleton has been constructed from a mixture of aluminium and advanced titanium and fits around the child’s legs and torso. The joints contain a series of…


More Than A Third Of Kids Are Scared Of Dogs, But Parents Can ‘Manage The Fear’ With Dogs Trust Advice

More than a third of children in the UK are scared of dogs, a survey has revealed. Out of 2,000 parents surveyed by Dogs Trust, 37% said their child was fearful of dogs and 25% said their child’s fear affects their daily life.  The charity has launched a ‘Managing Fear Of Dogs’ campaign, to provide advice…


This Tiny Earpiece Can Let You Understand Another Language In Real-Time

Not understanding another language is one of the single greatest barriers we have in communicating to the global community. While translation apps have clearly come a long way they still feel like barriers to a fluid conversation. Well now a company claims to have built an earpiece that removes that barrier by translating another language…


LEGO-Based Therapy: How Colourful Bricks Are Helping Kids With Autism Improve Their Social Skills

Playing with LEGO can be more than just a way to prevent boredom, for some children it has the power to boost their social skills and build self-esteem. LEGO-based therapy is a social development programme for kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or related social communication difficulties.  Debi Richmond’s 10-year-old son Adam, who has High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome, improved…


David Beckham Hailed A ‘Brave Dad’ For Allowing Brooklyn To Jump Over Him On A Skateboard

David Beckham has been labelled a “brave dad” after allowing his son Brooklyn to jump over him on a skateboard. In a clip uploaded to the 16-year-old’s Instagram, the dad-of-four is seen laying perfectly still on some steps. Brooklyn comes into shot on his skateboard leaping straight over Beckham in a clear jump. “Ollie down…