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18 Hilarious ‘Springfield Shopper’ Headlines from The Simpsons

In a world where fake news runs amuck, it is nice to know that some publications, like The Springfield Shopper, remain intent on presenting unbiased, hard-hitting news to the public. May their journalistic integrity reign forever. 1. via TipMcVenus 2. via pinterest 3. via gunther-centralperk 4. Not The Springfield Shopper, but please, take note of this….

10 Cringe-Inducing Comments That Need to be Deleted From History

Sweet baby Jesus in a manger, if these comments were any more embarrassing we’d demand the internet get blown the eff up. But, really, we do love to laugh at other’s misfortunes, don’t we? 1. via MBaits 2. via Ask_Threadit 3. via HipsOrNips 4. via ge69200 5. via Gohan_Son 6. via Old_darcy 7. via andinimi 8. via iamdandyking 9. via Boomy2 10. via changeoplans