14 “Deep Thoughts” That Are Dumber Than a Bowl of Carrots

The only thing these people should be philosophizing is whether they should stop word-vomiting everything that comes to their head on Twitter.  But hey, what do we know, we’re just sheep who don’t even see that real eyes realize real lies. 1. Schrödinger’s cat killed itself. via gabriey 2. We have become The Internet. via risenrubix 3. Delete…

10 “Geniuses” Who Are Actually Just Huge Assholes

Whoever told these people they are profound in any way need to be shot out of a rocket straight in the ocean along with all the self-proclaimed geniuses of the world. 1. via R0botP1rate 2. via iamverysmart 3. via iamverysmart 4. via brycemackey 5. via Plastonick 6. via MakePornNotWar 7. via Myxomatosis_ 8. via 4775795f4d616e 9. via karliekisbae 10. via TheDoctorGraves