15 Students Share The Craziest Things They Saw Living in a Dorm

Living in a dorm is a pretty common experience college students share; it’s basically a right of passage. But what happens in these dorms can vary wildly, and it looks like the people over at /r/askreddit have seen some pretty crazy shenanigans 1. via willywag 2. via Hungry_loli_trap 3. via brotherjonathan 4. via thril_hou 5. via jeb1499 Page 1 of 3Next

12 Shower Curtains Guaranteed To Make You Feel Just A Little Cleaner

1. I say HEY – what’s goin’ onnnn? via BirdTurglar 2. No shower is complete without seeing Nigel Thornberry’s bare ass via KekoQPR 3. I think the viewcounter is busted. via saxophone156 4. A shower curtain by any other name would still smell a little mildew-y via englishmajorhumor 5. Space cats, like black holes, are still theoretical via aiyeesarita 6….

15 Random, Hilarious Pornhub Comments That We’re Glad Exist

Most Pornhub comments are meaningless filth written by horny dudes, but sometimes an entertaining reply slips through the perverted cracks. 1. No heaven for you, sinners. ServikOfficial 2. We see what you did there. PM-ME-UR-NOODLES 3. I’m concerned about her shits tbh. JimblesNewtronbo 4. “Blondie731” – You gotta be more original than that. FiveMinFreedom 5….