Madeline Stuart, Model With Down’s Syndrome, Debuts Her Own Clothing Line At NYFW

Madeline Stuart launched her first ever clothing line at New York Fashion Week on Sunday 12 February. The 20-year-old model, who has Down’s syndrome, is hoping to increase diversity in the fashion industry with her label ‘21 Reasons Why’. Andrew Kelly / Reuters The new clothing collection was designed to mirror the Australian model’s daily…

12 Stories So Painfully Fake You’ll Roll Your Eyes Into Space

Writing on the internet gives a lot of people the green light to just lie right out of their puckered brown starfish. Luckily, most of these stories can be spotted-and laughed at-immediately.  1. via ShittyDriverHere 2. via JigglesTheThird 3. via dwaynepipes 4. via LunchThreatener 5. via Herakuraisuto 6. via Nolanus 7. via danjam7 8. via justaddranch 9. via Zebras_Have_Docking 10. via jonathaniam 11. via Seymawinchester69 12….

Curvy Kate ‘Scantilly’ Lingerie Campaign Celebrates The Beauty In Diversity

Curvy Kate has launched one of the world’s most inclusive underwear campaigns for its latest collection, Scantilly. Tired of Photoshopped pictures and ‘unattainable’ beauty, the lingerie brand wanted women to see what its products look like “on a body they can relate to”. To showcase the new range, Curvy Kate enlisted eight powerful women who…