Cristiano Ronaldo Teaches His Son To Take The Perfect Selfie (And They’re The Spitting Image Of Each Other)

Cristiano Ronaldo is teaching his son a few tricks and it has nothing to do with football. The Real Madrid player uploaded two Instagram snaps of him and his son perfecting their best selfie poses. Ronaldo, 31, and his five-year-old son Cristiano Jr. donned matching serious faces as well as bright and beaming smiles. “Oh my…


‘The Recovery Letters’ Gives People With Depression Hope From Those Who’ve Walked In Their Shoes

When you’re in the darkest moments of depression it can be difficult to imagine a day when you’ll feel happy again. But a touching project is allowing people who have survived these feelings to tell others “things will get better”.  The project, titled ‘The Recovery Letters’, allows people who are recovering from depression help those…