Asda, Tesco And Sainsbury’s Promise To Cut Food Waste And Stop Making Farmers ‘Dump’ Produce

Supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons have signed up to a radical pledge to slash their food and drink waste by a fifth over the next decade. The promise will reduce “abuses” by supermarkets, according to campaigners who say that for every two tonnes of food we eat in Britain, another tonne is thrown…


City Installs Floor-Based Traffic Lights To Protect Smartphone-Addicted Teens

Smartphone addiction is real problem. It’s making us anti-social at dinner, sleep badly at night and it’s killing our ability to talk like normal people. Its gotten so bad in the city of Augsburg, Germany that young millenials are now so engrossed in their phones that they’re entirely oblivious to pedestrian crossings. After two seriously…


Mum Shares Touching Photo Highlighting An Unbreakable Bond Between ‘Two Fighting Miracles’

A mum has shared a photo of her “two fighting miracles” showing the touching bond between her dad and her 10-month-old son. Brandy Gregware explained her dad has had two open heart surgeries, 18 stents, a pacemaker, a stroke and “many mini heart attacks”. She uploaded a photo of him holding her son Kolbie, who had…