Parents Celebrate Sons’ Love Of ‘Girls’ Toys’, As Four-Year-Old Sums Up The Problem With Gendered Toys

Parents have been celebrating their sons’ love of “girls’ toys” after a four-year-old boy succinctly summed up why toys are always gender neutral. Rheann MacLaren, from Scotland, took to Facebook to express her pride in her son Harry McGregor’s response to a stranger in a toy shop who tried to dissuade him from playing with a pink…


Mum In One-Bedroom Apartment Learns Valuable Lesson About Gratitude From Her Four-Year-Old Son

A mum who was experiencing a bad case of “mum guilt” about her family’s one bedroom apartment, was given a fresh perspective on their situation by her four-year-old son. The mum felt like she was letting her son down, because he had to share a bedroom with his parents and two-year-old sibling.  “Lately my four-year-old…


NSPCC ‘Disappointed’ Pokémon Go Owners Launch UK Version Without Addressing Child Safety Concerns

Pokémon Go has launched in the UK and ignored demands from the NSPCC to address safety concerns for children. NSPCC’s CEO, Peter Wanless, previously wrote to the game’s owners urging them to make the app safe before launch.  However the app launched on Thursday 14 July 2016, without clarification on why the safety measures hadn’t…