UK Company Coexist Is Launching A ‘Period Policy’ And It’s Not Shy About Telling Everyone

A Bristol-based company is introducing a ‘period policy’ for its female workers, based on the idea that paying attention to employees’ monthly menstrual cycle can be “good for business”. Social enterprise company Coexist plans to let women have extra time off during their period, and tap to their employee’s natural cycle to create a “happier…


Bio-Bean Entrepreneur Arthur Kay Is Turning Coffee Into Fuel And Wants To Power All Of London’s Buses

“I’m the most boring person to sit next to at dinner parties,” Arthur Kay jokes about his obsession with waste. Specifically, he’s interested in coffee waste. The 25-year-old entrepreneur started a company that turns leftover coffee grounds from thousands of UK coffee shops into fuel to power homes, offices, airports, and factories. His London-based company…


Universities Slammed For Turning A Blind Eye To Drink, Drugs And Lad Culture

Sir Anthony Seldon, vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham, has pledged to become Britain’s first “positive health” institution in a bid to tackle the “scandal” of students’ mental health problems. The private university head is taking the preventative approach to combat the “crisis” of mental health in higher education institutions. “The core problem is that…