Teens Found 500-Year-Old Grammar School’s First Sikh Society

Two cousins have made history at their 500-year-old grammar school in Manchester after they founded the institution’s first Sikh society. The Sikhi Society at The Manchester Grammar School now boasts more than 70 members – including students from non-Sikh backgrounds. Hukam Singh Nerwan The newly-founded Sikh society Hukam, 16, and Mahavir Singh Nerwan, 15, decided…


Mum Brands Herself ‘Meanest Mum In The World’ For Throwing Kids’ Ice Creams Away, But There’s A Catch

A mother’s Facebook post calling herself the “meanest mum ever” for throwing her kids ice cream away has inspired a flurry of praise. Jaime Primak Sullivan described an afternoon where she had taken her kids to an ice cream shop and ordered desserts for them. But things turned sour when her kids “lost their manners”. “The…


Crazy S**t People Say To Dads Highlights Outdated Stereotypes: ‘You On Mummy Duty Today?’

Four dads have spoken out about the shit people say to them on a day-to-day basis when they’re looking after their kids. Highlighting how outdated and insulting stereotypes can be, the dads want to prove that it’s normal for them to take on parenting responsibilities… just like any mum.  Make It Work ‘Her hair is…