13 Traditional Games Parents Played In Their Childhood That They Want Their Kids To Play Now

Let’s face it, when you were younger you weren’t glued to your iPad, addicted to 24-hour children’s TV channels or creating online social media profiles to have fun. Of course you weren’t – you were outside playing classic games that you’d love your children to play now. The ‘National Day of Play’ is on Wednesday…


Tom Fletcher’s Son Buzz Returns To See Dandelions A Year On, But This Time They’re Not As Funny

Tom Fletcher’s son Buzz has reassessed the comedic value of dandelions. The two-year-old, who famously giggled hysterically at his dad blowing dandelions in April 2014, came across the flowers again on a walk one year later. His mum Giovanna Fletcher uploaded a photo to Facebook of Buzz staring at a flower on Wednesday 20 April.  “Apparently…


Nadia Sawalha On Talking About Puberty With Kids: ‘These Conversations Should Be Ongoing’

Nadia Sawalha seems to have found the perfect way to talk to her 13-year-old daughter, Maddie, about the occasionally awkward topic of puberty. She has found that the “teen talk”, whether it be about periods, spots or hormones, should be part of an ongoing conversation rather than a separate, serious chat. “Right from when Maddie was tiny,…