Girlguiding Launches New Mental Health ‘Think Resilient’ Badge

Girlguiding has launched a new mental health badge called ‘Think Resilient’ to promote wellbeing in young girls and women. The badge, which was unveiled on Tuesday, has been developed by Girlguiding members and charity YoungMinds. Girlguiding The new Girlguiding badge The programme aimed at seven to 25 year olds, which Girlguides will have to complete…


The Halo 5: Guardians Official Opening Cinematic Is An Avengers’ Style Epic

Halo 5: Guardians may have an official release date of over a month away but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from uploading the entire opening cinematic trailer for the hotly-anticipated Xbox One exclusive. The impressive three minute cinematic shows lead character Spartan Locke and fan-favourite in the form of Nathan Fillion’s Buck along with a team…


Adorable Toddler Baffles Mum With His Own Language: Can You Work Out What He’s Saying Before She Does?

A mum who was flummoxed by her toddler’s emphatic declaration that he was a ‘rirun’ shared the video with the title: ‘You Will Never Guess What This Kid Is Saying’. Many parents will be able to relate to her struggle as learning to speak ‘toddler’ is a skill mums and dads have to develop quickly in…