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14 People Who Turned Asterisks Into a Creepy Roleplaying Game

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Being a creep on the internet is a common occurance, but these people wanted to take it up a notch with their interesting choice in roleplay. 

We’re pretty sure that mimicking an in-person interaction by using *asterisks* to depict what you’d be doing IRL is not the sexiest way to flirt with somone. Especially when it goes a little something like this: 

*Smells your hair and grins, tips fedora like a le gentleman*.

The only real response to any of these scenarios is *cringe*. 

1. Uh, yeah please don’t do that. 

via mitchdwx

2. The end times are opon us.

via Awesomeadam678

3. Please get out of my lap, strange adult man. 

via rainduck1

4. Howdy *shoots self in face*


5. *audibly gags*

via rainduck1

6. Good thing I put out the mouse traps. 

via maggle-more

7. You missed the mark entirely. 

via Battlegodor

8. I’m not dead, I just wish I was. 

via RYthisGUY

9. Don’t tickle me ever in any circumstance. 

via JabroniMark99

10. *Hexes you for life*

via MiamiMoonlight

11. Oh, oh no thank you to all of that. 

via coronane

12. Cool, so the cops are on their way. 

via sadseal69

13. Wow, so interesting. 

via B0000000BS

14. Maybe you should just stay in the shadows, my dude. 

via hatt730

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