12 Memes For Adults ONLY

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You know you’re getting old when the best part of your weekend is staying in and yelling at kids to get off your lawn.

We get it, being an old curmudgeon is actually pretty fun, and the best part is, you can really be any age to do it.

Embrace your inner adults with these mature memes for mature adults. 

1. Someone’s treating themselves to a Lean Cuisine. 

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2. Just five more minutes before I have to have the horrors of the real world.

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3. Hell yeah night in with a personal bottle of wine! 

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4. I’m fine, I’m fine, everything is fine. 

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5. How much does dying cost?

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6. Oooh, yeah sorry Linda, can’t do happy hour drinks, I’m totally booked. 

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7. I’m doing okay, just really tired. 

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8. I think I’m going the right way, am I going the right way someone help. 

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9.  Please don’t even mention a gin and tonic or I’ll little vomit in the break room.

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10. Growing up: A Tale of One Box.

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11. At least I got off. 

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12. *Hangs up phone immediately*

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