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12 Mean as Hell Roasts That’ll Make You Laugh

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1. Decimated

via lovisakalls

2. Hey wait a minute the dentist is being very irresponsible by not keeping his or her records

via RnRVeritas

3. Honey, I’m Destined to Never Have Kids

via Ehrichrp

4. Don’t get me wrong though, the ink is not far behind

via spidermane69420

5. Why not both?

via KevinMaurer2011

6. Where’s Grease Withoutherspoon?

via gre-eee-easy

7. Walked right into that one dude

via Sleeping_Limbs

8. Deliver us Lord from this evil

via kkbolito

9. A gentleman’s accord

via LordStorm456

10. Shave it off bubbo

via PackofMoose

11. Creativity points. Not often do Captchas get shoutouts in roasts

via georgiaram

12. Angsty autobots, assemble!

via ballefleche72

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