12 Big Time Suckers Who Got Roasted to Ash

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1. Don’t act like you didn’t put em there

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2. Making it easy for us out here, man

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3. Dude got so tired of the kids comin after him, he decided to get a new kind of Lucky Charms

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4. Be honest, are you just an earthworm who found a suit?

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5. One thumb way up!

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6. Tfw pigs steal your eggs and are trying to hide from you in wooden fortresses

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7. Ruthless

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8. So this is the infamous Hellman

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9. Get well soon Zuck

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10. This dude had to have just found the jersey laying on the ground in science class

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11. One two punch = knockout

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12. A roast with an appreciation for 1960s television

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