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12 Basement Dwellers Who Are More Fedora Than Man

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Neckbeards aren’t new to the internet. They’ve been lurking around every 15-year-old girl’s Facebook page since MySpace went down. The one’s who have a love hate relationship with their mom (SHUT UP, DONNA, I’M MAKING A KATANA DEMO VIDEO FOR YOUTUBE) and drink Mountain Dew more often than water. 

They are a special breed of angry nerd that pound away harder on their keyboard than they do their dongos, which trust us, they pound at A LOT. 

1. Plot twist: no one has ever invited him to a bar.

via fuckh3ad


via DannyM21

3. Lecture and chill.

via GeneralELucky

4. Use your sharp brain sword to defeat dumb n00bs.

via TypicalWhiteGiant

5. Yes, they’re all avoiding you. 

via Maximusjohnson69

6. The eloquence, the mystery, the bag of Doritos.

via Botmon_333

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