11 Times Pornhub Just Became a Gaming Forum

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1. Gotta recruit in the spots with the most foot traffic


via Callofapple123

2. Guess we’ll ride it out on Pornhub until the game comes along, huh

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3. A friend is just someone you haven’t met on the Pornhub comment section yet

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4. This is definitely not a Christian server I can tell you that much

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5. Bobby Fischer? Is that you?

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6. A simple Google search would do, but you get more friendly customer service when you take your questions to Pornhub

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7. Musta been a real sneaky kinda porn

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8. Classic Black Ops III tutorial

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9. Dualshock PS4s don’t just grow on trees, porn actor

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10. Not horny anymore, need to play Star Wars the Old Republic

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11. Hard to tell what people like more: porn or Minecraft


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