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11 Things That’ll Make You Say “Oh Sweet Lord No”

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1. Don’t remember this ballgag character from The Emoji Movie…

via EricTheRoman

2. Fidget spinner phones. What hath capitalism wrought

via ijamesreddit

3. Pineapple is NEVER ok on pizza, alright?!? NEVER!

via bunlebee

4. Darkness is descending upon us, and it is starting at this bank

via hoonigan_4wd

5. Please, someone ban Ricky into the shadow realm

via jellybear421

6. You were given two perfectly good eyebrows young lady

via yourdeathinmyhands

7. At this point why not just throw your baby away

via MetikMas

8. Um…what the fuck is going on here

via onesikkgs3

9. Crazy that the font may actually be the worst part about this

via ifish4u

10. Fandoms ruin everything


11. Par for the course, Internet. Par for the course

via Kashijikito

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