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11 People Who Desperately Want to Sound Smart and Failed

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Using big words doesn’t automatically make you a genius, especially when you use that word incorrectly.

It’s become very clear that you’ve just been look up synonyms on Google and then dropping them into casual converstion like a real wiener. 

But hey, keep on telling yourself that you’re smarter than the average bear while we sit back and watch that same bear maul you to death. 

1. Normal People Vs. Annoying Asshole


via icecremers

2. Oh dear, I’m afraid you sound just as vapid. 

via evilgator

3. DO NOT make me, a FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD, frown upon you again!

via Eljka

4. This guy isn’t going to pound town tonight. 


via kid_maximus

5. I mean, have you even CONSIDERED incest?

via _Tundra_Boy_

6. Ugh, SAME. 

via pattyfritters

7. Remember, you can’t be smart AND sociable.

via loveydoveybaby

8. The woes of a mad scientist!

via THRlTY

9. I was so unpopular in school because I completely isolated myself at all times.


via Dr-Evi1

10. Please cure your attitude first. 

via BleuOrchid

11. God, stupid fucking idiot child being dumber than me, a grown adult!


via HockeyGuy1234567890

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