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10 Times Atheists Online Were More Annoying Than Your Religious Aunt

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Atheism is completely fine – if you don’t want to believe in god or religion, totally cool. But the same rule applies to both religious people and atheists alike: DON’T ANNOYINGLY PUSH YOUR BELIEFS ON OTHERS. Let people believe whatever they wanna believe – you come across as an irritating, obnoxious douchebag when you explain how everyone but you is a huge idiot because their beliefs differ from yours. And few types of people are more often guilty of this than atheists on the internet.

1. “Posting memes about atheism featuring dudes with beard-ponytails” is the REAL battle.


2. Internet Atheists are definitely living proof that there is no God.

via euphoricatheist

3. Atheists spend more time yelling at others about their beliefs than any religious person.

via colinroberts

4. Wow, that oughta show organized religion ONCE AND FOR ALL!

via Zodsm

5. “Please leave us out of this, Atheism.” – Science

via yourdoingtoomuch

6. “Psh, there IS no god or afterlife. Uh, sorry for your loss, by the way.”

via ahr113

7. If there is a god, they probably wouldn’t even accept this dude’s Facebook friend request.

via icecold

8. Even Michael Scott would be cringing at this.

via jokes_on_you

9. There is no greater shame than tattooing an atheism meme to your body, except when the atheism meme is specifically against a joke in a Kevin Smith movie.

via spectreofmalta

10. Here’s a life-tip: it’s possible to not believe in a higher power or subscribe to organized religion without being an obnoxious dick about it.

via CaptainnChris

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